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Bird Nest Builder -Yak Fiber/ Wool

- Each Bird Nest Builder is filled with Yak Wool from our yaks in Tennessee!

- The birds go crazy over soft and fluffy material for their nests!

- Refillable and such a unique item for any bird lover!

The cute gift comes with a suet feeder pre-filled with our super soft yak fiber!

-The birds love the yak fiber in the suet feeder because it is the best and cutest way to get it to them

- The bird nest builders are a great alternative for the bird lovers who can’t put bird feed out!

- The suet feeder is 5.5” tall, 5” wide, 2” deep.

- No soaps, chemicals or cleaners are used in the freshly combed yak fiber.

Great for all bird lovers and bird watchers!

Just hang outside and let the birdies do the rest!

Thank you for supporting our Yak Farm in Tennessee!

Unique Bird Lover Gift, Yak Wool Bird Nest Builder in Suet Feeder or Nesting Bal

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