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Hi Y'all!! 

Deep Draw Yak Ranch is a premier Yak farm located in the beautiful state of Tennessee. We specialize in breeding Yak and collecting and harvesting their luxurious wool. We also offer guided tours from March to December where visitors can learn everything about Yaks from care, Yak facts and Yak history. You will even get up close and personal with our friendly Yak herd with treats, scratches and personal photos. Don't forget to stop by our on-site Yak Boutique to purchase farm merch and unique Yak products!

All About Us

Hi! Our names are Ali and Kevin and Yaks are our passion. Together we operate Deep Draw Yak Ranch in Middle Tennessee. We have 5 adult children who are grown and living in various states. Ali grew up on a farm in Kentucky, while Kevin was a city boy in Detroit, Michigan. Previous to the 2020 pandemic, we were interested in starting a hobby farm up in Michigan. After a great deal of research and time trying to decide which livestock animal we wanted to focus on, we finally decided on raising the gorgeous, sustainable Tibetan Yak. When the pandemic hit, we realized God had a different plan for our life so we made the decision to leave the corporate world. After searching various states and areas, God landed us to Crossville where we currently reside on 50 acres. Today we have over 25 yaks along with 45 chickens, 4 ducks, and 6 mini rescue equines. 





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